Thursday, June 14, 2012


Its always a great feeling to be able to have time to paint, especially after a long day at work. I moved on to finishing my third Greek hero- Perseus. He has many wonderful toys to fight monsters with. Most notably is Medusa's head.

The Founder of Perseid
This triumphant sculpt of Perseus is by Matthew Bickley and he is available from the Reaper Miniatures range. I like the initial focal point of the mini being the gorgon's head but later drawing one to his expressive face and his noble bearing.

He also looks to be holding Medusa's head aloft and shouting
"Look into her eyes, her eyes, not my eyes!";)

He was painted rather quickly as I was admittedly impatient at being so close to finishing my third Greek hero.

As usual, the super quick NMM was done using a basecoat of Calthan Brown, followed by a layer of Snakebite Leather. Then Bleached Bone was added to the Snakebite Leather in gradually and layered on. Water was added to the mix until its a milk like consistency.

The toga was done using Khemri Brown as a base and adding Bleached Bone gradually until I got the desired shade of pearly white. I added Skull White (watered down) as a final highlight.

The names of the paints are different now with the new range of Citadel Paints. I'll probably have to start buying some and testing them out.

He will be my counts as High Elf Noble Battle Standard Bearer. I'll be fashioning a standard mounted on a pole stuck to the base of the mini at a later stage. Still deliberating on the design of said banner.

I like how most of the weapons and armor gifted to him by the gods are represented on the model. It would be cool if there was an invisible rule in Warhammer Fantasy to represent his magical Helmet. I guess the closest rule would be Ethereal, but i'm not gonna use that.

A final view of the miniature, this time the back. Here is a godo view of the Shield he used in the myth to look at the reflection of Medusa. He was not turned to stone and was thus able to slay the cursed maiden.

 I truly enjoyed the 1981 movie of Clash of the Titans. I have a copy of it when they released it on DVD. The special effects were a tad stiff but magical all the same :)

"Nothing is invulnerable. There must be a way." Perseus from Clash of the Titans movie (1981)

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