Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heroes Incoming!

A month has passed by really quickly! And there's even more hobbying to be done :) Wish i had the time and  energy to do more. I recently purchased even more miniatures, this time some Greek heroes from Reaper Miniatures. I got me hands on Perseus, Hercules, Achilles, Socrates and some Spartan like troopers.

Am moving on to slowly setting up another Fantasy Counts-As Army ;) They will be count as for the High Elves Codex. For the army units, I'll be using some really nice miniatures from Wargames Factory from the Legacy of the Greeks range. The Greek Hoplites and Amazon Warriors box sets are perfect for this. While awaiting the arrival of the rank and file, i thought i'd paint up some of the army's Heroes!

Achilles, Mythical Hero
I decided to start with Achilles, one of the greatest warriors of his time. Sculpted by Matt Gubser, this model looks epic and is just as fun to paint.

He will be my counts as Caradryan. I gave him the quick NMM gold treatment for his armor. I painted his skin a darker shade to represent his years of training and battles under the sun.

A side profile of my new hero. He wields the the Dragon Blade, said to be made from the bones of a great dragon of great magical power. The sword will be the counts as Phoenix Blade ;)
Another side profile of Achilles. He wields the Dragon Blade high in a challenge to his foes.

Back view He is clad in a dashing crimson cloak and fur pelts. There is still some highlighting and basing to be done.

Sample Army List (High Elves)

Below is a rough army roster for my counts as High Elves army.

Caradryan (Achilles)

Korhil (Hercules)

Mage (Socrates)

Noble (Perseus)
BSB, Dragonscale Shield (Magic Shield), Sacred Incense (Medusa's Head)

30 Lothern Sea Guard (Amazon Warriors)
Full Command

30 Spearmen (Greek Hoplites with Spears)
Full Command

30 White Lions (Greek Hoplites with Great Weapons)
Full Command

30 Phoenix Guard (Greek Hoplites with Halberds)
Full Command

2 Great Eagles (Daedelus and Icarus)

This comes to approximately 2393 points.

The Great Eagles counts as would be fun to model as i'll be basing them on Daedelus and Icarus :) Still doing some brainstorming on their conversion work.

More Samurai Riders
The Utaku Battle Maidens are coming along nicely but slowly. The rider and mount are assembled. Now just working on the arms and accompanying weapons.

Here are some of the normal Mounted Samurai. They are similarly assembled and awaiting their armaments.

Spirits Arising
Also managed to finish assembling some Malifaux Seishins and Kirai's Lost Love.

Here's wishing everyone a fantastic and Blessed month of June ahead!


  1. Love the Greek mythology idea for the High Elves! Really really good idea!

  2. Thanks mate! I'm looking to alternative miniature companies in my wargaming journey :)

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