Friday, June 15, 2012

Men of Myr

The heroes of ancient Myr, very much inspired by the Greek mythological legends of Hercules, Perseus and Achilles.

In some ways they are like the Superman, Batman and Spiderman of today. Not so much because of their super powers, but the representation of hope that mankind is possessed of something greater in all of us.

They also demonstrate that choices made by the best of us can also sometimes be wrong. I feel this shows their humanity; and that hopefully by learning from these mistakes we gain both insight and humility.

The combination of that which is divine to that which is mortal is to me an interesting juxtaposition of strength and weakness. It makes me wonder which is the true measure of strength. The compassion displayed by a scrawny kid or the fireball from a twisted sorceror.

For me, it is human emotions and the choice to persevere despite the odds that moves us. And as seen in the myths, even the gods can be moved to compassion.

It is therefore with this as a background that i relish in the building of this army. 

I leave you with a parting pic of the heroes three. The future generals of my High Elf counts as army :)
 Have a Splendid weekend ahead everyone!


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