Friday, July 24, 2015

Deathwing Terminator WIP

I've been quite ill for the past week. Caught the flu when I was in the train and someone sneezed directly onto me. It was a direct hit with no scatter lol!  I decided to spend my time at home painting up some other miniatures other than Tyranids, whilst recovering.
I decided to paint up a group of 5 Deathwing Terminators. I primed them white and applied a basecoat of Baneblade Brown. Then I mixed in a 50:50 mix of Karak Stone to Baneblade Brown. This is followed by 80:20 mix of Karak Stone to Baneblade Brown. Then a layer of pure Karak Stone. The paint was a bit wet to allow it to cover the model quickly.
I then added a mix of Karak Stone with white at a ratio of 80:20. The final layer is 80:20 mix of Karak Stone with white. The edge highlights were done with pure white.
For the Storm shield, I used a base of Skavenblight Dinge. Then a layer of Dawnstone. Then I washed in Agrax Earthshade. After it was dry,  I then highlighted the edges with Karak Stone and the final highlights is Ushabti Bone. I feel this gives the stonework on the shield a more organic look.
Still working on the Deathwing iconography on the shoulder pad as well as the Thunder Hammer.
Back view of the model. Its been a while since I painted Deathwing Terminators. The paint scheme certainly has evolved for me over time. I find myself now not using a Bleached Bone at all for the armor. I believe that I like this current color scheme the best. This is a test model and I'll be using it for the rest of my Terminators :)

The configuration I have decided for my Deathwing Squad would be 2 with Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shields, 1 with Storm Bolter and Powerfist, 1 with Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Bolter and Power fist and the last is my Sergeant with Power Sword and Storm Bolter.

The Storm Shields allows me to at least tank some high AP shots while retaining some firepower. The Sergeants power sword will help me kill some stuff if I have a high initiative.

I've spent the week also assembling a Sisters of Battle army. Will put them up after I've firmed up an initial balanced list.

The weekend approaches! Stay healthy and keep hobbying :)


  1. no scatter LOL! sneeze in your general direction!

  2. Kena again lol! Now in recovery mode again...