Friday, May 2, 2014

WIP: "Litte Red"

Woohoo!! Its the weekend again! And time to paint and sleep, in no particular order haha! I managed to get a tiny miniature painted. Yup, that's the Deathwalker mini from Privateer Press. An excellent model by itself that looks even better with Goreshade. I'll probably paint him up another time. I'll be using this mini for an upcoming narrative campaign. Gonna call her Little Red.
I was also inspired by Alma Wade from the FEAR game series. She really creeped me out when I played the game. 
It was fun and challenging at the same time painting her. She's smaller than most minis, but no by too much.
Back view. I used a deeper red for the inner dress and a brighter one for the outer layers. For the dress, I used a basecoat of Red Gore mix with Black (60:40). I then layered on pure Red Gore. Then Red Gore mix with Evil Sunz Scarlet on the inner dress. The outer dress was layered with Evil Sunz Red and Yriel Yellow.
I think she makes a great rogue psyker as well for those who play Chaos.
Not sure why this pic is brighter than the rest. My camera does this on its own sometimes lol! But it does reveal the brighter reds of the mini as i painted it.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone! And a warm welcome to the month of May :)


  1. Ooo but I thought the Little Red was supposed to be a a USR monster!!!

  2. Nah, she's the beacon in the warp. The usr monster is another beast altogether;)

    1. Let's get the campaign up and running. I have already garnered some interest from the guys