Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WIP: Gabriel Seth

I've been not feeling too well over the past week, sleeping lots though haha! But I did manage to kitbash a budget version of the Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers-Gabriel Seth. He was made from mostly Blood Angel bitz.
The arms are from the Sanguinary Guard sprue. I made his chainsword by cutting off the axe head of a Glaive Encarmine.
The shoulder pads were taken from the Death Company sprues. I think the conversion was a timely one as I'll have a chance to use him in an upcoming Apocalypse game.
The legs were from the Assault Marines sprue.
The winged icon is also from Sanguinary Guard sprue. I primed the mini black and basecoated him Red Gore. Had to layer on Red Gore for about 2 to 3 layers. The highlights were done using Red Gore and Yriel Yellow mix.

Wood Elves
Since I'm converting named leaders I thought I do one for Wood Elves as well, and the model in question is Araloth.
He was used to great hilarity during a recent Fantasy Battle by crazyrat. We nicknamed him the Pokemon Lord. The bitz are from different model ranges. The horned head is from the new Wild Riders sprue. The eagle is from a Reaper Miniatures bit. The cloak, spear shaft and knives are from the Glade Guard sprues. The main body itself is from Wargames Factory's Greeks Heavy Armor Hoplites.
I had fun converting him up, though its unlikely I'll use him in battles.

I found a Knight Hospitaller (I think that's his name) from Infinity Miniatures. I got him a while back. Painted him in a different scheme. I think all the talk about getting into Infinity from my gaming group motivated me to paint one up lol! They are pretty nice models.

Have a great week ahead everyone. Take care and stay healthy ;)


  1. Every turn he can use the eagle to inflict auto str4 hit on enemy characters, so its like "Go PIKACHU I choose you"! lololol