Monday, April 28, 2014

WIP: Tempestor Prime & Tokens

The last week was a really long one. Didn't get much sleep in, and it feels weird. Like the colors are too bright haha! I was reading through the new IG codex in planning for a campaign and decided to add more to the dramatis personae. Decided to use a Reaper Miniature I got a while back to represent a Scion Tempestor Prime, aka Storm Trooper Command Squad Sgt.
I painted him in the red and black of the Inquisition. The miniature is from Reaper's Chronoscope Range. His name is Nick Stone, IMEF Squad Leader sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
Its a really handsome model with a nice pose. Cool yet somewhat aggressive.
He's got a big ass gun that I'm going to take as a counts as a Plasma Pistol.
Back view. The miniature has really nice lines and clean cut details that were just a joy to pick out.
Another shot of the handsome devil in a heroic pose. He would make a fine Tempestor Prime counts as model.

WIP:Tokens (Fragments of Power)
I'm still working on the props for the upcoming 3 turn campaign in May. Not sure if its gonna take off. But i'll keep plugging at it anyways. I got these beads from a really awesome beads shop in Chinatown. The base is from numerous Reaper mins which I have not been using, so I got a lot of those.
I placed some matchsticks in the middle to fill up the gap and just glued the triangle bead pieces on top. I did add some green stuff to the base of each triangle bead for weight.
I based them in some Talus and they are mostly done. I may not even need to add color or paint them. These tokens represent the pieces of arcane power fragments. I like the alien yet beautiful design on the triangle pieces.

Well that's all I gots for now. Going to catch some Zs.

Have a great week ahead everyone. Here's to the next holidays :)

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  1. I like the expression on the mini. Very intense.

    What are the details for the campaign? I wanna know!