Saturday, April 19, 2014

WIP: Inquisitorial Stormtrooper

It has been a quiet weekend so far. And I'm quite excited to prepare for a Narrative Campaign in May. Not sure if it'll eventually pan out but its a fun exercise haha! I'll be including the Inquisition in the narrative, hence the Storm Troopers. There'll be aliens and other xenos stuff as well :)
I found about 20 of the metal Storm Troopers, and it seemed such a waste for them to be unused. Decided to paint them up in the colors of the good ol' Inquisition.
This is one of the first test models. Mostly black carapace armor with dark red fatigues. I used the old Red Gore mixed with Black for the base. Then layered on pure Red Gore. Highlights done with Red Gore and Evil Sunz Scarlet mix.
I also gave him a little Inquisition shoulder pad to show his allegiance.
It was fun painting the miniature. It really reminds me how fast time has passed. We now have a new IG Codex already. I mean Astra Militarum codex heheh! I'm also preparing some terrain and Relics for the narrative. Hope it will be in time with the job demands.

Eldar WIP
Repainting some Dire Avengers as well and the dude above is my test model. I gave it a Regal Blue basecoat. Then I added Enchanted Blue to the Regal Blue (50:50 mix). Then Enchanted Blue and Regal Blue layer (70:30). Then watered down later of Enchanted Blue. The highlights were done with Enchanted Blue and White mix (30:70).

Have a great weekend all! And Blessed Easter :)

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