Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catachan WIP: Colonel Iron Hand Straken

I've been working on some more Catachans. A few Catachan characters have also been converted as well. First up was the baddest, most gung ho of them all- Colonel Iron Hand Straken. I do like the GW models, but they were just a bit too pricey for me at the moment.
I converted my version of Straken using a Reaper miniature called Keryx, Cyborg Assassin which I had bought more than a year ago. I cut the top half of the model off to use as Straken's upper torso. I the attached the torso to GW Catachan Jungle Fighter legs. I added on the plasma pistol, Space Marine Scout shotgun and the sword is from the Vampire Counts Zombie sprue.
It was great to finally put paint to the converted model. I like the cyborg metallic look merged with parts of an organic body.
The small skull on the base is a bit from the Wood Elves Dryads sprue.
I gave him a red shoulder pad as I did not want to sculpt the trademark red bandana of all Catachans. The red shoulder pad would be a representative of the blood oath.
Back view of the shotgun he carries as a secondary weapon.

I really enjoyed painting this version of the legendary Colonel Straken. Am looking forward to using him in my battles in the future.

More Jungle Fighters en route next post :)

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