Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Riptide WIP

It feels like such a long time since I've touched a paint brush lol! Work and personal life again have been a hammer and anvil. I think I only managed one tabletop game all these months...Thought I'd post a work in progress Riptide up :)
I'm still going with the Turquoise colors. Keepin' it simple with only 2 major colors. Its been far easier to paint and the uniform color helps bring the presence of the model together.
I used Asurmen Blue as a wash to give depth to the model. I applied the wash by running the wash with a fine brush through the grooves and lines of the model.
I did a wet-brush of the model. Added a drop or two of water into the mix to make the brushing over of the model easier. I found t could cover more surface area with every brush stroke.
Back view. Still work in progress. I painted the interior of the legs black only after the outer turquoise armor was mostly done.
A closer look at the head of the Riptide. It's the only part I've fully completed haha!

I've not been too motivated to paint up the Tau as they are now quite impressive on the tabletop. I usually play armies which are from the older codices haha! I did went on to paint some Black Templars, but the new Space Marines were announced to be released. I think the Space Marines are quite balanced and may turn my attentions to the Templars again ;)

Sometimes there are so many things going on that I find it difficult to focus. But i think courage is needed in just trying to concentrate on one thing at a time. I find myself in fear at times of missing out on other things if I focus on just one thing first. In the end, I worry about all things, without managing to complete even one task lol!

Above was more for work and life struggles rather than miniature painting. But it could be applied as well, sorta.

I leave you with the inspiring words of Helen Keller:

"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." - Helen Keller

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