Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ultramarines Veteran Sarge (WIP)

The weekend is finally here! And its a long weekend to boot! Its Chinese New Year and there will be lots of food and drink to be sure. I took the opportunity to paint up another Ultramarine for the occasion. I am happily still on track with painting up the boys in blue :)
Above is a WIP pic of Sgt Vaeran. I based him on a black undercoat to see if there would be any difference in the blue armor. Not much variations noted though compared to a white basecoat.
Here's Vaeran again with most of the colors painted on. He's a Veteran from the first Tyrannic War. The Genestealer trophy on his backpack represents this as its now mostly bone, the flesh and coloring now long faded over time. Newer members of the Vanguard Veterans have trophies that appear 'fresher'. This means that the Genestealer trophy head would still have the respective colors of their Hive Fleet on them.
Side view of Sgt Vaeran. He wields the trusty bolt pistol. I may add his damaged helmet on the base later on.
Back view. For the skull, I painted different segments on the surface to make it look like real bone, which has different plates linked to each other.
I modelled him with the power axe. It used to be a power weapon in-game before 6th Edition hit. I think Sgts benefit from power weapons more against foes that are slower in Initiative. If armed with a power fist, the strength is a great bonus, but with the new challenge rules, he may not get to swing it...

I guess I'll have to get a few games in to see how it does.

And on that note, I wish all my friends, family and readers a joyous weekend and Happy CNY!

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