Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ultramarines Scout Sniper (WIP)

I'm still painting the Ultramarines. Moving on to the test mini of a Scout. This one is an old metal one from quite a while back.
Scout Sniper Brother Trey of the 10th Company, currently seconded to the 3rd Company.
I particularly like the profile of the miniature. He's got this really resolute look as he approaches his target. Am still thinking of what details I should add to his base.
The mini has quite a bit of accessories. I think its quite realistic given the long periods of time scouts spend behind enemy lines.
Repainting the scout, I do notice details I had missed out before. Particularly what looks like a cloth bundle that I painted as a stowed camo cloak strapped on top of his armor. I am also almost tempted to make a Scout themed army. I do have quite a few Scouts and it could be a fun army list to play.

On other news, I've also just shaken off the assault of Nurgle (had a flu during the weekend), and hope to be able to game again next weekend :)

I wish everyone a peaceful and pleasant week ahead.


  1. Nice work Sam! I'm gonna steal this again! LOL!

    Also, I was assaulted by Papa Nurgle just before the weekend. Thank goodness I passed my Toughness test for the weekend. Phew!

  2. @enrgie
    Woah! Close call man! Weekend Warriors need to stay healthy for games :) The Hive Mind protects!

    Yeah man! should have taken the jab. But the local doctor looks suspiciously like a chaos worshiper. LOL!