Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sternguard Veteran Marine (WIP)

Its been a nice restful holiday thus far. Enjoying the much needed sleep and good food all round :) I've picked a Sternguard to work on today. Again got most of the colors and shading on. Just the highlights left to go.
Here's Sternguard Veteran Brother Tristan. He wields a combi-weapon and a combat knife. As can be seen by the realtively fresh trophy of the Genestealer head on his backpack, the tendrils of Hive Fleet Behemoth still plague the Imperium.
Brother Tristan is converted from a normal tactical marine. I added some purity seals to make him look more like a Veteran having earned several honors through his years in service.
I gotta admit, from this angle, he looks like a marine with a genestealer head lol!
I did some simple conversion work on his left hand. The arm is from a Space Wolf sprue. I stuck a combat knife on it for the cool factor. Brother Tristan looks forward to another Tyranid trophy!

Have a great rest of the week ahead everyone ;)


  1. The ultras are trophy hungry!

    Talk about sleep, had my much needed sleep also haha.

  2. Yea man! Looking forward to the next battle!

    Sleep is always good haha!