Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fighting On..

Time sure flies! Its coming to the end of September, and looking back, its been kind of a wild ride. Many events took place at the workplace and I am for better or worse in the 5th month of my current job. Its been busy and some of the old shadows have returned...

Still life goes on, and I pick up that broken sword again to face yet another battle ;)

A WIP: Land Raider Crusader

I added some variety to my hobbying by finally daring to work on the Land Raider Crusader for the Black Templars!

Again I have painted the interiors of the Crusader, even giving the control panel a gloss finish on the screens. for the smaller screens I added something like the heartbeat or status monitor of the crew. Also a radar screen at the bottom of the panel.

I also gave some detailing to the engine of the tank.

The other side of the Crusader also got some love as I picked out the lighting on the sides as well as some of the buttons near the main hatch.

Of course, I later remembered that after all that work...

....there's not a lot that can be seen once the Crusader is fully assembled..LOL!

Anyways, I still glued it together. Will need to shine a torch inside if one wants to admire the interior heheh!
Here's more pics of some other parts of the Crusader all primed and ready. I got the Black Templars upgrade sprue some time back and the Land Raider doors are coming in handy now :)

Another WIP: Eldar Jetbikes

A group of 6 Eldar Jetbikes, 2 with Shuriken Cannons. These are still pretty much WIP as I experiment on the designs for the front of the Jetbikes.

I went for kind of a sunburst pattern on the left one. Its not very obvious I know. The one of the right is of a far simpler design. Still trying out new patterns.
The Jetbike above is more or less complete. Just some highlights to be done. It was fun to paint the jetbikes, but despite experimenting with the newer GW paints, yellow is still a b*tch to paint lolz!

The weekend comes to a close and the morrow is the dawn of another day on the battlefield. I hope the weary bones will hold, and my sword arm swings true...

I leave you all with best wishes for the coming week.

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."
by Margaret Thatcher


  1. Love your interior and jet bikes. They are awesome!

    Can't wait to get back and see your models in person!

    Take care in your new job, bro! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog often =)

  2. Thanks bro!

    Looking forward to gaming with ya again :) Your Wolves are missed on the battlefield!

    I'll hangin' on and prayin' hard in the new job ;)

  3. BT! Heard your BT decimated Beardy One's BA haha!