Sunday, July 29, 2012

WIP: Wraithguard Revamp

Its been a nice weekend and I've managed to get a game in with me gaming buddies. It was really awesome seeing the guys again :) It was a 3 way battle. I played my Necrons and the Space Wolves and Blood Angels also took to the battlefield.

I'm inspired to play more Xenos races of late and have taken to revamp my Iyanden Eldar Wraithguard. I still like the bright yellow and dark blues of my previous paintjob. But I'm deciding to go for a more organic feel to the Wraithguard in celebration of 6th Edition ;)

Test Mini
I used Iyanden Darksun foundation paint as the basecoat. I decided to go for a simple easy to do scheme. Once good coverage of the basecoat is achieved, I washed the model with Gryphonne Sepia. I then layered on Iyanden Darksun again.

For the highlights, I layered on a mix of Bleached Bone and Iyanden Darksun (20:80) ratio. I worked this up to pure Bleached Bone as edge highlights.
I think the Iyanden Darksun paint provides a muted yellow-ish tinge and supplies the wraithbone-organic feel as well. 

More highlights to be done at the back area. But I'm going to allow some of the gems to be unpainted to bring out the few that are ;)

Above is my earlier Wraithguard paintjob from a year or so ago. While I liked the solid brighter yellows, I've been finding it too harsh in retrospect. Maybe I'm gettin' older and not used to bright colors lol! Am still a little undecided as a change in scheme for the Wraithguard would mean they would be different from my Warwalkers and Warithlords, whose paint scheme I am actually quite happy with..

Using Wraithguard
I usually use only 10 Wraithguard with a Seer sporting the Enhance power. They would be my objective holder. Their high toughness and good save makes them hard to shift. Together with Fortune from the Farseer, they are quite durable. Their lack of Invulnerable Save can be overcome by the new Psychic Powers from the Divination discipline..I think. Its the one that can give a unit a 4+ invuln.

I usually use them as the anvil to break my opponent's attackers and they also act as a bullet magnet. I would usually have some long range shooting with Warwalkers and Wraithlords. The counter assault units like Striking Scorpions would help out the Wraithguards in protracted combats.

The Overwatch rules are helpful and give their AP 2 guns a tiny bit more punch to would be assailants.

Looking forward to getting more games in 6th!

Have a great week ahead everyone! Press on and game on.

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