Saturday, July 21, 2012

Warlock & Thoughts

The weekend has been restful thus far, and a new Warlock of the Ulthwe Craftworld has been painted :)
It is always a happy occasion when hobbying is done, and a celebration when a mini is ready for the tabletop!

I present Warlock Lothandril of Ulthwe, another member of the formidable Seer Council. He is painted in the standard black and bone of the craftworld with red as the accent color. I got this classic metal mini from my gaming buddy YC when we swapped bitz and minis a while back.

Front view of the Warlock, staring intently down the barrel of his shuriken pistol.

Back view of Lothandril. His Singing Spear is shorter in length than the newer Warlocks. I'll probably treat it as a Witchblade if needed ;)

Thoughts on the Ulthwe Army for 6th Edition...

I looked through the old Eye of Terror Codex and noted the Ulthwe force composition is mostly Guardians, but it also includes Vypers, Jetbikes, Support Platforms and some Dark Reapers. Its a good place to start and I'll be mirroring my force after the Ulthwe Strike Force.

Aspect Warriors
I'll be using Dark Reapers and am assembling them as I speak. They are the metal ones and a bit of a pain to assemble and pin. Going to equip the Exarch with the Tempest Launcher and Crack Shot. He should then complement the rest of his squad nicely.

I still have my Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions, both a favorite of mine as they have provided a reliable assault/ counter assault element to my Iyanden Eldar army in the past. However, I can only choose one for my Ulthwe force.

Howling Banshees: I think these ladies are still viable in 6th despite the AP3 power weapon ruling. I've always used them to take out regular marines and they will fulfill the same role in 6th. I think their Banshee mask is invaluable as it helps them strike first most of the time. And a wound from a Banshee's sword is fatal barring invulnerable saves. I see them being more counter assaulty in my army.

Striking Scorpions: I think they are still great for taking on horde troops who have 5+ and 6+ armor saves like Hormagaunts and even some Orks Boyz. They will likely strike first and their many attacks and higher strength are useful in whittling down enemy numbers. The Scorpion's 3+ armor save can help in their survivability for protracted combats. And their Exarch can take the Scorpion's Claw which is still great for challenging Termis...i think.

I'll probably go with the Banshees as their color scheme of Bone fits well with the craftworld colors.

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend!

And keep on hobbying even when the days are grey and the nights are dark :))

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