Monday, July 16, 2012


Its July and 6th edition of Warhammer 40K is out! Been real busy in but still hobbying here and there.

I've been looking at my armies and got some extra Eldar left over. With just a few add ons, I'll be able to make another 1750 point army.

Will be trying to get back into the eternal war with some Eldar. My Iyanden force stands ready :)

But I decided to also do a Ulthwe force as I've found my Eldrad model. He's kinda missing his Ghosthelm crest as I cut it off to make a mini for a friend. I did some repairs and he looks almost like new ;) I'll show him in another post.

But first, I did a test mini, also from a damaged Farseer. He's missing his Ghosthelm side crests as well haha! Just as well as I'll treat him as Warlock with Witchblade.

I chose Ulthwe as I was a huge fan of the Seer Council in the Craftworld Eldar Codex. I'm still using most of the old paints. It'll be a slow transition to the newer paints while my old stocks last hehe!

Side view of the Warlock. The sword was pillaged from the Silver Helms High Elves box set.

The sides of the Ghosthelm crest cut off were repaired with some greenstuff just slapped on to represent big gems.

The Black and Bone paint scheme would hopefully be easy and faster to paint than the Iyanden Blue and Yellow.

The bone was done using a basecoat of Khemri Brown. I then added a 70:30 mix of Khemri Brown and Bleached Bone. Then layered on pure Bleached Bone. I mixed a 80:20 mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White as the next layer. The final highlight was Skull White with a teeny bit of Bleached Bone.

Hope to get some games in soon guys!

Have a great week ahead everybody :)

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