Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deathwing's Finest

Its the New Year and i have revisited one of my most loved army- The Dark Angels Deathwing Company!

I re painted an old Chaplain in Terminator armor mini. He's got quite a few coats of paint on him :P I just primed him blacked and painted over it.

Interrogator Chaplain

Added a few bits from the Ravenwing Battleforce as well as Dark Angels upgrade sprue.

Side view. I'll probably add the Deathwing transfer instead of freehanding the Deathwing symbol though...

Back view. Added a censer, Dark Angel icon and some scrolls, no doubt concealing the Blades of Reason ;)

Other view. This one a clearer pic of the Crozius Arcanum, the Chaplain's badge of office.

Just a month to freedom! Me holiday job is a killer! I'm barely makin' my armor saves everyday lol!

Mid week over, forward to the weekend :)))


  1. awwww man! thats one hell of a Chaplain! hahaa :D
    His termi armour looks awesome! and i believe he will be part of your Deathwing Termi squad? haha.
    his storm bolter with the knife attached to it looks good! hahaa. nice one~!

  2. Wow this is a very old school model. I guess it to be around 2nd edition period.

    Did you cast fortune to reroll all armour/invul saves? hahaha

    We must have some games before you leave.

  3. @Rongster: Thanks dude :) Yea manz, i like the storm bolter with knife. In case he looses his Crozius still can whack haha!

    @crazyrat: Yup yup, he's quite an old mini. I found him at the bottom of a box lolz!

    I casted Fortune but my my re-rolls were nulled by the devious psychic hood...

    Looking forward to game again with u man!

  4. Fantastic NM painting again man! I love the neat painting. Looks wickedly superb =)

    Btw, your model seems glossy. Was it your varnish or the light?

  5. @fondrey: Thanks man :) Oh the undercoat i used was the wrong type. Used a cheapo Black primer that turned out glossy lol! I forgot i was supposed to buy Matt Black hehe!