Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Kingdom for a horse

These are the last two steeds of my Bretonnian Knights of the Realm Lance. Still works in progress with some final touches like highlighting as well as adding the dragon rampant on the shield motifs.

To the left is the steed in the colors of Berenduin of Bastonne. A striking picture of Berenduin facing Malicuer the Firewyrm can be found on the last (cover) page of the Bretonnian codex.

The steed on the right belongs to the realm of Mogen of the Flame.I have still to add the Fleur de Lys and dragon salient. It'll probably be some time before i do so, my freehand needing more practice ;)

Below is a rough pose of how the Knights of the Realm lance would look like once the knights themselves are fully painted as well.

I usually play a Lance of 8 knights and their horses, with a character to fill in the 9th spot in the lance. However, there are times where i will field 9 Knights.

It has always been a dilemma where to find the colors of the 9th rider. I finally found the inspiration for him, and it had been staring me in the face all along.

The 9th Knight will be painted in the colors of the King of Bretonnia Louen Leoncoeur himself. It will be also out of respect and allegiance in acknowledging the king by representing his colors in the realm of Bastonne.

Most importantly, the Knight on the cover of the codex also bears the favored dragon rampant of Bastonne :))

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  1. Beautiful!

    Wouldn't want to be in charge range! Lol