Friday, January 8, 2010

The Wraithlords of Iyanden


Below is the first Wraithlord that i have painted. This is the older metal miniature of the Wraithlord.

He is painted with yellow as the predominant scheme covering the warithbone armor parts of the construct.

Seen below is the second Wraithlord i painted which is similar to the first one. I have painted the armor parts of the construct blue to contrast the first Wraithlord.

I kinda like the first Wraithlord better, but this one actually is closer to the 'true' colour scheme of Craftworld Iyanden.

The last picture below is of my last Wraithlord. This one's different as it is based on the newer version of Wraithlords by GW. It is also made entirely of plastic, which is great when carrying around.

This Wraithlord is equipped with a Wraithsword, which actually allows the construct to re-roll misses in combat. The blade was taken from a Gundam model. All still works in (slow) progress ;)

I really really enjoyed painting the Wraithlords, especially seeing the yellow colors just burst into life once the final coat of Golden Yellow paint was applied. A vital and majestic addition to my Iyanden Eldar army.


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  1. Looking great!

    The ultimate tarpit! Fear the undead... Ahoooooo! (cower into my wolf cave haha)