Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Hero" Glasses

I got meself a new pair of glasses yesterday. Its meant as a backup in case i damage my current pair. The chances of damaging my current glasses are quite minimal (famous last words eh?) I am however quite taken with the new pair of glasses as you will see in a bit.

Below is yours truly in my current glasses.

I had my innocent civilian face on to show how i do not stand out from the crowd.

The next shot is me in my new black framed glasses which i though looked very much like the type of masks that superheroes wear. Like Nightwing or The Green Hornet, hahaha!!

As you can see, i do look a trite more 'heroic' in the new 'black masque kinda glasses'. It may of course have been all the result of an overactive imagination. But does look grand for that brief moment at the shop, heheh!

The author of this blog again in full crime fighting gear, and the heroic stare that can only be the result of that pair of amazing glasses.

Okie doke, i think thats all the narcissism i have for the day. I believe i have suitably embarrassed myself, safe in the knowledge that this will probably be unread. LOL!

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