Saturday, January 30, 2010

Warwalkers of Iyanden

War Walkers!

The call to war abroad has seen the inclusion of more support for Craftworld Iyanden. The Council has deemed a unit of warwalkers be presented to the Strike Force.

Seen above is Guardian Gesene, of the Warwalker Squadron. The Warwalker is being readied for transport, and as such its weapon mounts are not in place. The tactical display also stowed as the squadron prepares for departure. The guardian knows he is unlikely to see his Craftworld again, but is resolute in advancing the purposes of Iyanden.

The Warwalker can be fitted with a variety of weaponary ranging from the Shurican Cannon to the Brightlance. A salvo of firepower unleashed by a full squadron is a sight to behold and to fear.

The graceful Warwalkers also have the ability to scout, and can arrive at opportune moments on the vulnerable flanks of the enemy where needed. The choice weapon employed by Gesene's squadron are the Scatterlasers.


  1. Hey bro! That's a nice blue-yellow theme there! Post a picture with all your blue-yellow pointy ears (Haha) i am sure it'll look awesome.

  2. Thanks bro :) I brought only a small strike force to Aussie. Took a pic today, but had difficulty uploading haha! i think the file too big, and the room too dark.

    I try again, will post it up in a few days ;)