Saturday, May 13, 2017

Malifaux WIP: Katanaka Sniper

I've been pretty sick this Saturday and down with the fever, But I did feel a bit more better this morning and got to painting the last member of my Temple of the Dawn box set. The Katanaka Sniper is not part of the box set, but a bonus model that came with it.
Most of my paints have dried up and I have limited colors left. I used the color Incubi Darkness from GW for the bluish grey cloak of the model.
I gradually added small amounts of GW Flayed One Flesh paint to the GW Incubi Darkness as layered highlights.
For the inner garments, I painted a basecoat of Neutral Grey from Vallejo. Then added GW Flayed One Flesh to the mix. The final highlight is adding White to the mix of Neutral Grey and GW Flayed One Flesh. I added some really watered down GW Drakengof Nighshade to the pants for some depth.
The boots and leather straps were done with GW Scorched Brown, and then layered with GW XV-88.
And here is the Katanaka Sniper with Shenlong's crew. He hides behind in the shadows, ever ready to draw his rifle (but is probably taking a nap).

Have a super weekend guys. Stay healthy, and keep on paintin' n gamin'.

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