Sunday, November 22, 2015

WIP: Sisters of Battle

Its been a while since I posted, but I have been slowly working on my Tyranid army. I got distracted by the new Tau. And then flitted back to my Sisters of Battle army. Me and a large part of my gaming group have been distracted with a return foray into the realm of Magic: The Gathering (or MTG for short).

Its been quite a nostalgic ride with me looking fondly at the old decks I used to play. And also with some regret that I had missed out on some really nice tribal releases over the past blocks like Lorwyn and Innistrad.

Sadly, the newer blocks (now known as Standard) did not have tribal themes which attracted me. I am looking forward to the Innistrad one which had in the past heaps of Werewolves, Spirits, Angels, Inquisitors and Vampires.

But I digress yet again. I decided to go ahead and finish up my Sisters of Battle army. Painted as they were depicted in the Shield of Baal campaign, the Order of the Sacred Rose. I almost typed the Scared Rose there lol!

I am liking the white with red and gold accents. Reminds me a tad of white scars. But they play much differently.
I have always found the older Sisters of Battle sculpts to take much more effort in getting them to look good. I'm not sure if its the sculpt or something else. But I do suspect the convents seem to recruit the most manly looking of women.
I do wish GW would come up with a new plastic line of Sisters, and from the way the Dark Eldar, Wood Elves and Daemonettes are sculpted, they should now be capable of coming up with more feminine faces for the Sisters of Battle.
My goal is to get at least 2 squads of Battle Sisters done by end of Decemeber 2015. I have assembled the Immolators and Exocist tanks a couple months back. They will be a real treat to paint.

Have a great weekend and a super week ahead all! And even though I do play with toy soldiers in imaginary battle scenarios, I pray there will be more peace and understanding between everyone on this Earth.

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