Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dark Angels WIP: Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought

I've been under the weather a lot lately, and the streak has not been stopping. I'm thinking I need more exercise. But hobbying has not stopped much as I paint up one of the few metal miniatures I have in my collection.

The Venerable Dreadnought is finally seeing paint after almost 10 years! And I've painted him in the colors of the Deathwing for my Dark Angels army in celebration of the new Codex.
The large amount of bone white on the armor was a bit of a challenge. I still have some highlighting and lining to do in the recesses. But he is table top ready :) The green was done using Citadel paints. First was a basecoat of Caliban Green. Then I mixed Caliban Green (50:50) with Warpstone Glow. The pure Warpstone Glow. Then a highlight of Warpstone Glow with Moot Green. The most extreme highlight was dine with Moot Green mixed with a bit of white.
I used the Vallejo Non Metallic Metal box set to paint the NMM gold. The color used for the base is Heavy Brown. Then I mixed 50:50 mix of Heavy Brown with Heavy Goldbrown as the 2nd layer. The 3rd layer is a layer of pure Heavy Goldbrown. I then added white to Heavy Goldbrown (50:50) mix. This was followed by a 30:70 mix of Heavy Goldbrown with white. The final highlight was pure white dot at in the highest raised areas.
I painted the interior mechanical parts of the dreadnought with Chainmail and gave it a liberal wash of Nuln Oil when it was dry.
Decided to paint the assault cannon with some red accents in the colors of the Deathwing to give it a bit of contrast.
For the back of the Dreadnought, I went for a blue accent at the centre of its back chassis to represent its power core glowing a white blue.

I'll be moving on the paint the rest of the Deathwing terminators now. Look forward to getting back to them after a short break.

Have a super week ahead everyone!

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  1. cool paintjob man! looking good and intimidating