Saturday, February 7, 2015

Necrons WIP: The Lion

The 2nd month into 2015 and am looking forward to some rest in March. With the advent of the new Necrons Codex, I have also converted and painted up another member from The Court of Oz. I've based my Necron army on the Wizard of Oz characters, with a twist :)
I used the Privateer Press model of Goreshade as my base miniature. The only conversion work needed was adding on the head of a plastic Necron warrior and then sculpting some dreadlocks on it.

Back view of some of the metallic dreadlocks to represent the lion's mane.
He leads the Flayed Ones in striking terror in the enemy. As the Lion searches for Courage in the Oz stories, so this incarnation sows Fear. Those he deems unworthy are flayed and their hides worn about his person.
Added this bit from the WH Fantasy zombie sprue to represent an unfortunate flayed victim.
Side view of his Warscythe he calls the Starmane. He was really quick to paint up as I suppose all necrons are. Just Chainmail and then Nuln Oil wash and he's done lol!
The Court of Oz is slowly growing. Just got the "Tin Man" and "Scarecrow" to go. From left is Mageta the Lion, Ozymandias the Emerald and The Dorothean. I've got a few ideas for the remaining members of the court, but would welcome any other suggestions.

Flesh Tearers HQs
I also did some conversion for my Flesh Tearers army. The conversions are for Astorath and a generic Captain who holds the Master of Sacrifice title.
Most of the bitz are from the Sanguinary Guard sprue. The head for "Astorath " is from the Dark Angels Ravenwing sprue.
 It was quite fun doing the conversions, and I must say the Sanguinary Guard set is still one of the most well crafted pieces I have seen.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!


  1. Awesome work Sam! I hope to play against them soon!

  2. ward save painting studio opening !

  3. Thanks guys!! I'm looking forward to the break on March :) Hobby time!

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