Sunday, August 10, 2014

WIP: Grey Knight with Psycannon

I guess its now down to this. A blog post a month lol! I've been rather caught up between the anxiety that work brings and resting after a long day to have enough energy for family and hobby. Not giving up though, and returning to painting and gaming is always one of the most welcome beacons in the ocean of everyday life. So I painted up this fella on the spur of the moment.
I'm now just starting to put on some accent colors on the steel grey basecoat earlier (about a couple months back). I painted the casing of the psycannon with a basecoat mix of Red Gore and Black. Then I added a layer of pure Red Gore. This was followed by Red Gore mix with Evil Sunz Scarlet (50:50). I then mixed in Evil Sunz Scarlet with Yriel Yellow to do the highlights (cos I ran out of Blazing Orange).
For the gold/ bling on the miniature, I used Game Color's Dorado Pulido Polished Gold (wow what a name!) and Scorched Brown mix (70:30) as a base. Then I layered on the gold by itself. I then washed it with some really watered down Scorched Brown. Then I added some Chainmail to the gold for highlights.
I really liked putting on the reds, gold and whites on the model as it really breaks up the monotony of the metallic silver.
Back view. I plan to base the miniature too, something I've not done for most of my minis. I'm still figuring out how the terrain on Titan looks like. Maybe I'll just use stone to represent the floor of the Grey Knights fortress.
I did the eyes using a basecoat of Sotek Green. Then added White to the 2nd layer for highlights. The Psycannon is still a great piece of wargear in games. Wish they had more than just one per box though.

Have a great week ahead everyone! And game on!


  1. I prefer non metallic GK, getting excited about the new codex next week.

  2. Hi Thach! Its been a while man! Great to hear from ya :) Yea, I heard about the new GK, looking forward too!