Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vampire Counts! Army WIP

Looked back at June 2014 and saw only 1 post on the blog. Been a busy work month with lots of transitions as well. Hope to get back into gaming and hobbying. Have not been doing much painting of late due to running out of brain juice and concentration at the end of the day.

But I have been doing some assembly for Vampire Counts!

It started out with me finding some of my old Knights of the White Wolf. They were previously converted to Black Knights as well, but somehow it didn't continue due to other distractions. These are also my only Empire stuff left.

I converted them using parts from the Knights Templar from Fireforge Games. Great miniatures from them, especially their Templar and Teutonic lines. A friend took most of my Empire army bitz as well so the knights were a bit headless and armless previously lol!
I did manage to do a quick paint up of a converted Black Knight. I'll treat him as part of a Crusader group of Knights who fell in their quest to rid the castle of vampires. They now serve the undead Countess in their un-life. Poor blokes!
I added the greenstuff to cover the lower half of the face to give a more sinister look. The armor on the rider and horse were painted using the same colors. To keep the grim look, I added black to Boltgun Metal. The armor was later highlight on the upper most edges with pure Boltgun Metal. He still looked a bit 'good' and 'knightly' so I freehanded a mean looking skull on his shield.
I'm trying to paint my models abit faster these days as I don't really have much stamina in painting after a long day at the office.
I'm keeping the color palette simple, most reds, blacks and bone. "Send in the red cloaks!"

Vampire Counts: Lahmian Themed Army
The growing pile of Undead. I'm looking forward to doing more conversions and getting The Black Coach as well. The Coven Throne is a really beautiful piece! Auto include for me. Not sure how it does in-game though.
 Mantic Skellies are affordable and look really great too!
WIP Dire Wolves. The wolves to the left appear to be digging up stuff. Prolly looking for their bases hehe!
My Lahmian Vampire Countess in her retinue of Black Knights. She's a really cool looking model. I bought the set about 8 maybe 9 years ago. She's from the Confrontation range of miniatures and she's known as The Red Lioness. I'm planning to paint her all in white.

I wish everyone has had a great weekend and hope to post a bit more this month ;)


  1. Does the fireforge set have unhelmeted heads at all?

  2. @Austronaught
    Greetings :) I don't think the set has unhelmeted heads. They are all wearing some form of head gear. But there are a good variety of heads though.