Saturday, March 8, 2014

WIP: Inquisitor, Ordos Xenos

I got this really neat miniature at the beginning of last year. Its the Orin Midwinter Rogue Inquisitor model from Privateer Press's Warmachine. I found that the major elements of a 40K Inquisitor were already there. I added some purity seals and scrolls on the model to make it look more 40k-ish. I decided to do a quick paint up of the mini this evening.
The mini by itself is quite dynamic with its pose. I really like the pose of the left hand. Very kung fu style like! He will be my Ordos Xenos Inquisitor. He will likely appear periodically on the blog as he introduces the Xenos elements of the 40K armies that I am or will be painting.

Introducing....Inquisitor Iyago Dolven
A full century has passed since the Battle of Macragge where the rapacious hunger of  Hive Fleet Behemoth was ended at tremendous cost. For the valiant Ultramarines, the lost of their entire First Company was a terrible blow to the Chapter. For Inquisitor Kryptman, it cost him his standing within the Inquisition. He was declared a traitor and the Inquisition issued the Carta Extremis against him. Kryptman's fate is not known, but he is likely still alive and rumored to be still carrying on his fight against the Great Devourer.

Although he can never return to the ranks of the Imperium, there are some within the Ordos Xenos who recognize the difficult decisions that Kryptman had to make and supported his actions in secret. 

Before Kryptman's departure, he had under his tutelage several Acolytes whom were later assigned to be mentored by other Inquisitors.

With time, some of Kryptman's former pupils rose to the rank of Inquisitors themselves when their mentors passed on. And one of these pupils was Iyago Dolven, now a fully fledged Inquisitor himself of the Ordo Xenos. 

He has held true to Kryptman's teachings through the years and has dedicated his career in eradicating the remaining tendrils of the various Hive Fleets across the Segmentum, at whatever the cost.
Inquisitor Iyago Dolven is 40 standard Terran years in age. He is of slim built and looks older than his appears. His hair is white with a receding hairline. He sees himself as a Radical and is it is not unusual for him to call upon persons and artifacts of xenos origins in his fight against the Tyranids, (or Serpents as he calls them). 

Dolven wields a powerful staff known as Balor's Gaze. It is rumored that the staff was an artifact gifted to him by the legendary Kryptman himself...

In Game Rules:-
I'll be representing Inquisitor Dolven using the entry of Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos from Codex Inquisition.
In addition to his basic wargear, I have replaced his bolt pistol and equipped him with a Conversion Beamer (which also doubles as a standard close combat weapon). These are represented by the arcane looking staff he wields.

Colors Used:
For the Green robes, I used a base of Caliban Green. Then I mixed Caliban Green with Warpstone Glow. Then I slowly highlighted the robes by adding more Warpstone Glow to the mix. The final highlight was a Warpstone Glow with White Scar.

For the Blues, I used a base of Mordian Blue. Then Mordian Blue with Enchanted Blue mix. The final highlights were done with Enchanted Blue and White Scar.

Upcoming Project
I'll be trying to work on the Imperial Knight next! Thanks to Jaeroler for purchase of the amazing kit! I plan to paint the Imperial Knight up with Scottish kilt patterns as well as Celtic band motifs. A Freeblade Highlander-ish type of knight haha! I may get more Knights as I have a box or two of Warlord Games's Celtic Warriors. I can convert them to Woad Warriors Imperial Guardsmen.

Hope you have been entertained by this post :) Have a great weekend all!


  1. cant wait to see your knight titan!

  2. Kungfu fighting WOOOYAH! Really nice pose. Where's his retinue? Maybe add in a Kungfu Panda. I am sure there are such aliens running around that will aid him in his fight against the Serpent.

  3. @crazyrat
    Planning to just go army green with the knight titan. Still practicing the celtic knots.

    I'm still working on his retinue. But I do have a Jokaero partner for him already painted up haha! I'll update the post and show him off again when I' able ;)