Monday, March 10, 2014

WIP: Imperial Knight

I've started a bit of work on the Imperial Knight sponsored by my good buddy JaeRoler! It's a really handsome kit and easy to put together. I wanted to paint up the Knight as a Freeblade/ Mercenary. This way it can fit into most armies as well. Colors wise I have chosen the ubiquitous army green. Its easier to layer on and I don't own an airbrush haha!

I really like adding a narrative and coming up with fluff for armies. So an early gist goes something like this: The Imperial Knight one is that he hails from a Freeblade company. The men and women of this House are from an ancient Terran descent with their culture sporting influences from Scottish and Celtic influences. I'll be painting on the kilt patterns as well as celtic knots, bands and also some Gaelic Woad symbols as well.
I laid out the pieces that would be painted seperately. It would make freehanding the details easier when I handle the model.
There's a nice spacious cavity behind the head compartment. And yes, I am tempted to make a pilot for the Knight haha!
Primed black for the main body and legs as I will be putting lots and lots of Boltgun Metal on that. The drawings he's standing on is me practicing some of the designs that will go on the model.
I primed the seperate parts green and layer on Knarloc Green. I've detailed a Celtic Triquetra design on the opening of the top hatch of the Knight.
The trim have been basecoated in Calthan Brown. I'm going to paint the area in some quick NMM Gold style. I'll be freehanding the border with the Celtic knots.

The colors were inspired by the Magnus the Traitor model from Warmachine. I'll be using the Magnus model as my Lord Commissar. If I do take this to 2 or even 3 Knights, then I'll fill in the rest of the points with some Highlander inspired infantry veterans :)

I'll be starting work tomorrow so hobbying will take a bit of a back seat. Will take this one slow and easy and enjoy the process of working with the model.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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  1. Magnus! Haha now this Warjack needs a long blade and a puny round shield to complete the look. Please post on ABO!

    Hope you enjoying your first day at work too!