Sunday, May 19, 2013

WIP: Patlabor Tau

I've went on to paint a test model for my Tau counts as Pathfinders. I tried to follow as closely as I could to the original uniform colors in the Patlabor cartoon.
Above is the pic of the original crew.
My rendition using em4 Miniatures soliders from their plastic range :)
It was a quick paint job this morning. I largely used Regal Blue and Blazing Orange colors from Citadel range. And Dark Angels Green with Scorpion Green highlights for the helmet visor.

The Real Deal
I managed to get my hands of the real Patlabor models thanks to Comet Miniatures from the UK. This means I no longer have to cut up the original Tau Riptides.
I bought 2 Alphonse Specials as they can make 3 different patterns and the Type X-0 for another variety. Its just nice to proxy as 3 Riptides.
The original Labor is just slightly taller, but with its articulation, it is easily modeled to be the same height as the Riptide. This Alphonse is a really nice model but the arms and legs are a bit of a challenge to assemble.

I wish everyone a great weekend and a super fruitful week ahead!


  1. Wow wow wow!

    I love your paintjob for the crew.


    Thats one huge heavy burst cannon for a police robot hahaha

  3. @crazyrat
    The prices sure are higher on the Japanese website. Glad I got mine through Comet Miniatures ;)