Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Six Shot

I wanted to do a test model today for a Tau color scheme. I was looking through the new Tau Codex and there's this green colored Broadside battlesuit on page 89 that looks a lot like an old transformer called Sixshot I used to own.
I really like the colors but how its painted still eludes me. But he did really remind me of Sixshot. Not sure why though. Maybe its the green.

Anyways I tried to paint up a test model on a whim, but discovered I never really built or primed any of the Tau Firewarriors.

I used an Eldar Dire Avenger I had lying around as the test subject hehehe!
I used the new Citadel paint called Sybarite Green on a base of Regal Blue. I painted him in about 10 minutes. He looks to be the only one of his kind. Not sure I'll do a whole army in that color scheme.
I definitely had some giggles when I finished painting him though.



  1. Haha, that's a pretty funky scheme, I like it a lot!

  2. preparing for eldar release this coming week? hehe

  3. Green Elves lol. The whole army will look amazing

    I feel Christmasy :)

  4. @myincubliss
    Thanks man! It was fun to watch the whole scheme come together :)

    Its me test scheme for the Tau. Gonna scrap it though. Staying with the white and red probably.

    Nah, my green elves are my Wood Elves hehe! My Eldar are Iyanden.