Friday, December 30, 2011

Necron WIPs

Firstly a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to All!

I gave in and bought a Necron Ghost Ark for Christmas :) My gaming buddy Jaeroler had gifted me with a Catacomb Command Barge. And i really wanted to do it justice as its the ride of a Necron king (which kinda reminded me of Santa's sleigh during this festive season lol!).

So anyways i got the Ghost Ark as it would also serve as a 'practice' piece. I also figured that if i used the Command Barge by its lonesome, it would be the only vehicle in my Necron army. Thus i added the Ghost Ark for some distraction..

Oh! The Ghost Ark seriously took a BIT of WORK to assemble!

I plan to paint each segment separately just so i can reach into the interior parts of the model. I used mainly Dark Angels Green mix with Scorpion Green for highlights.

I added some 'circuit board' designs on the surface so it wouldn't look too bland ;)

Here's the rest of the Ghost Ark, all primed.

The long weekend approaches! I wish everyone a joyful and relaxing time with friends and family.



  1. Glad to see you painting again. I like the 'circuit board' idea and it looks good.

  2. Thanks man! I just want to complete the army and add in one or two new models :) Yeah, i got the circuit board idea from the newer Necron models. The command barge has moulded circuit board imprints on the hull.