Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Floaty Things

Got another Onryo painted up!

Still some highlights here and there to be done. This one is drifting a bit more to her left. If i squint me eyes, she looks a tad tipsy haha! But seriously, I do like the Onryo minis as they incorporate a sense of movement into the sculpt.

Not too sure if the Onryo all walk on twinkle toes, got a lot of footwork to be done if they are. But i think they just float along lookin' for the unwary to scare ;)

A clearer shot at the base. Also done using strips of green stuff.

Kirai and her Gals!

The Netherworld's fashion this year is orange and turquoise hehe!

2 more days to the weekend...i can almost taste it...wooo~~

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Christmas beckons :)))

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