Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Random Hobbying Fun!

Its the weekend and I'm trying to do as much hobbying as I can once again. I learnt some new stuff and also got inspired by some old cartoons.

Vinyl Modelling
This weekend also marks my first foray into Vinyl Model Making. It was a steep learning curve for me lol! I also found out that Vinyl plastic is super environmentally friendly and is made up of common salt and other recyclable materials. But it was a pain to work with initially. Good thang my wife has a pair of sharp scissors made for paper cutting! Made things so much easier.

The trick is to get the water at a temperature just before boiling point and then the vinyl plastic is quite easy to cut. But the corners and curves of the model can present a challenge. I bought a Guyver Gigantic model from Comet Miniatures. It had a lot of flash/excess vinyl to cut. I forgot to take a pic of the process.

Guyver Gigantic
Picture from Google Images
Above is the animation that inspired it all.

But here is the final product. Its awaiting alot of greenstuff work heh. It took 2 hours to cut the excess plastic with constant dipping in the warm water. I sat in the kitchen with the stove going periodically to keep the water nice and hot.
Its a really nice figure, very organic and alien looking. I still have my collection of Guyver comics in the storeroom :)
A pic of the backview. Equally organic looking. I'll be painting it in bone white.
A close up shot of the face. It's still not very clear, but the sculpt is very detailed.
A side by side comparison with the Eldar Wraithknight from GW. They are almost the same height. At least I think they are if the Wraithknight stands straight instead of bending slightly at the knee.

This also gives me inspiration to do up an organically based alien race based on the Eldar Codex. The fun is in the sculpting and searching for the right minis for troops and elites :) Any suggestion guys?

I also received my order of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 from Comet Miniatures. They are a lovely company and always have hand written notes thanking you for purchasing from them.
The kit is from Revell. I plan to build it and place them on top of my living room speaker. The starship Yamato on one side and the Enterprise on the other hehe!
The box contents. The plastic is nice smooth and white. Light too.
The different parts of the Enterprise. I placed a Space Marine Dreadnought there for scale. Awesome kit from Revell!
The kit probably does not need painting either. There a a ton of transfer sheets to do markings, battle damage and weathering on the ship.

Tau Com!
I also did some work on my Tau Commanders Burning Fist and Fire Eye. Just applied the foundation paint. I used Knarloc Green as its a nice color if I go all green, and also suitable for working up to blue or yellow.
I got Fire Eye of the left and Burning Fist on the right.
The 2 Commanders in conversation. No doubt discussing their armor colors and markings ;)
Back view of the Crisis Suits. the Burning Fist backpack vanes are a homage to the Burning Fist God Gundam inspiration.
Hope to get them painted up as soon as well for the Greater Good! But so many wonderful distractions abound!

Hope to get a game in soon. Work is really hectic and tiring hahas! But at least it pays for the minis :D

Have a great week ahead all!


  1. Your posts never fail to make my day! Exciting stuff you have there.

    Have a great week too :)

  2. Thanks bro :) I really love exploring other miniature ranges. Lots of great stuff out there.