Saturday, March 30, 2013

WIP: Dark Angels

Its been really busy at work and I fell prey to Nurgle's plans, yet again! Just recovered from some flu thingy and am back to painting and some converting. Also plan to draw up some new purity seals.

I did a quick paint up of an old Space Marine I had lying around. Again this marine was previously a Salamander, Space Wolf, Blood Angel and I think Celestial Lion lol!

WIP: Dark Angels Sergeant

Decided to continue my Dark Angel marines from the 5th Company. This one will be my normal Sergeant.
He was primed black and then I applied a layer of Dark Angels Green. Then another layer of Dark Angels Green and Goblin Green mix (80:20).
Highlights were done by adding Scorpion Green to the previous layer mix.

WIP: Ravenwing Black Knights
My Black Knights are mainly just normal Ravenwing Bikers. I'm not too keen on getting the new box set as its a bit too steep for me at the moment. I am resisting temptation..for now ;)
I just added the Plasma Pistols from the Assault Marines sprue to replace the bike mounted  Boltguns. And hey, I got some Plasma Talons.
The Black Knight Sergeant's Corvex Hammer is made from an extra Thunder Hammer with one side snipped off. I replaced it with the tip of a scabbard from the Space Marine Scout sprue.
A bit of a closer shot from the front on how the el'cheapo Plasma Talons look.

Have a Blessed Easter everyone!


  1. Looks great! Let's have a painting session together when I return, bro.

  2. Have you been busy or lazy to paint, bro? Haha

  3. Hey bro,

    Great to hear from the Wolf :)

    Been a bit busy with work and family life. But still in the hobby and gaming haha!