Monday, January 23, 2012

Filling in the Colors

The Chinese New Year holidays are here and we are halfway through them already! I did manage to find some time between the feasting and the visiting, and spent some time to get to know my brushes and paints again hehe!

Archers Ready!

I did another 3 test minis for my Wood Elf archers. Pictured above are the 4 main patterns of armor the new Wood Elf archers wear. Fashion in Athel Loren has changed much. The older archers had just the one pose. I still wanted to continue adding a feel of the old Wood Elves, hence the classic greens and yellows colors used.

They are done up using mainly foundation paints as they need less coats. Foundations used are Knarloc Green and Gretchin Green for the cloaks followed by a Thraka Green wash. The yellow-ish cloth is done using Iyanden Darksun and Gryphonne Sepia wash.

There's a campaign by my gaming group in March, but i highly doubt i'll finish painting the army by then.

Templar Elites
Also found some time to add some colors to my mostly undercoated Templar Termis.

Am still working out a method of highlighting, so that's not done yet.

Onward! To more painting! And pineapple tarts!

I would like to wish all Friends & Family a very Happy Chinese New Year :))