Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Dues

Back to Work
I managed to get back to work. And man its a really busy time! So not much painting done except some dribs and drabs lol!

It was quite a challenge to be back in the grind after being away for a year. I was scared stiff the first day i stepped into the workplace. Second day today and its a bit better. My knees no longer feel weak haha!

I found a Dryad amongst the boxes of minis i packed away and did a quick paintjob. Mostly painting at night now, so the pics do look a tad darker.


Dryad with a little friend on the branch.

Side view.

Back view of Dryad and friend Sprite. I had much fun painting the gossamer wings of the Sprite.

You Will Believe...
I uncovered a box of Alien Greys from Griffin Miniatures. I remembered my plan for them as well! They were to be my counts as Eldar or Footdar army :) Yup all Guardians walking forward. Its gonna be a fluff army centered around the theme of "Alien Invasion". My opponent will have a great time pwning them alienz ;)

Grey Alien

Front view.

Side view.

Other side view.

Skinny @$$ view lol!

Mid week tomorrow, and closer to the weekend :)


  1. How many aliens do you have? I am sure they would make an excellent shot for the camera! Nice slimy colour scheme too.

    Of cos, before Crazyrat and my dark eldar capture them to dissect and torture haha.

  2. work = more shiny miniatures!!!

    I'll be contacting the resident Haemonculus to prepare some exotic "probing" equipments. The greys will love it since they are into "probing".

    Why dont you use the actual guardians, I think the plastic guardians look very good compared to the 2nd-3rd edition guardians.

  3. Hey guys! Glad you found the alien interesting ;)

    I got 60 of them little buggers and 6 more in flying saucers. Also 3 leader aliens in floating chairs.

    Will model them doing some 'probing' and cattle mutilation lol!

    I also got the Mulder and Scully figs. May use them in the future too.